I have been rocking Mary Kay Lip products for a couple of years now and I’ve been completely satisfied.  The colors I have are: Rich Fig, Apple Berry, Mystic Plum (one of my fave) the silver moon and sparkle berry dazzle lip glosses as well.  There is another color like a gel matte that I wear time from time as well.  One day I was looking on the Mary Kay website and came across one of the new colors Grazie Violet which is a bright deep purple.  I’m a girl of many flavors so my lip colors must be dope!

When I first got the package in the mail, I was shocked that it came in a medium sized box covered in Styrofoam.  I’m thinking this big box for this tiny lipstick!  But the presentation was amazing! As you can see, the color is shiny and goes on nice and smooth. It doesn’t feel dry as well. The key thing to do is put on a light base on your lips first such as Vaseline or carmex.  Don’t put on too much, but enough so your lips won’t feel dry when applying lipstick.  


I do give this lipstick an A because this color is the bomb dot com! If you like new and bold colors like me, then you would like this new matte lipstick by Mary Kay!


This product review is brought to you by That Riverz Gurl, blogger, writer, journalist and poet

Learn more about her by visiting her website at http://www.patricerivers.com 


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