Greenleaf Actor Julian Brittano Raises the Bar

Exclusive Interview by That Riverz Gurl Media, LLC


That Riverz Gurl Media, LLC
When did your acting career officially took place?

Julian: ” 2015.  It just happened honestly.  I was living in a very dark place after my club shut down.  I had a lot of quiet time to think.  Then I saw a posting for background in a pilot on TNT called “Good Behavior”  I got on other sets that led me to Greenleaf.  The only job I had to do was put up and take down bar stools until Oprah actually talked to me.  I felt something great was going to happen.  When I was coversating with Oprah, she asked me my name and how long have I been acting.  I said two weeks.  She asked “Two weeks and you here with me”  Everyone looked at each other then laughed.”

 What was your first reaction when you met Oprah?

Julian: “I was able to see the grind Oprah while growing up while others that are in their 20’s or 30’s saw the “rich” Oprah so I already knew the Oprah before she made it big”

What are new projects that you are working on?

Julian: While I am waiting for Liongate to call me back for season 3 of Greenleaf.  Also in May I’ll be shooting for a new movie with Danny Glover and Loretta Devine called “Rudy Tudy” which comes out next year 2019.  Then filming a film-to-TV series called “Black Kids” I am also working on my own project which is like a political drama series”

julian b

 Julian Brittano has come a long way in a relatively short time. A New Jersey native, Julian has exhibited his natural talent in sports, which have given him the tenacity, perseverance and inner strength that has helped launch him into a career in film, and television starting in 2015. Julian’s latest big screen role is playing opposite Oprah Winfrey as David on the OWN’s Hit TV series Greenleaf both Season 1 and 2. As well as reoccurring on FOX’s Shots Fired.

Alongside of Greenleaf and his reoccurring role, other shows/movies he has been on is If Loving You is Wrong, Good Behavior, Criminal Minds, Expose, House of Cards, Gifted, Lust: The Desires of the Heart and more.  Julian has traveled to major events in New York City besides playing football.  He has his own Television Show called Raising the Bar that supports women empowerment.

julian brittano


Scene from Greenleaf on OWN


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