You are probably wondering about the title and I am currently watching the New Edition Movie and they were performing song.  Well the real question is Can you weather the storm when the Devil tries to knock you off your pedestal or when tests and trials blows your way?  Are you able to stand the storms of a Geo Storm when your mind seems to be confused with everything that comes your way?  It is hard at times and plenty times in my life I wanted to quit and give up everything I have done in my life, including writing thousands of poems and great books.  

Also things got so bad that I tried to commit suicide plenty of times.  When you think you got it bad, look at other’s situations because a lot of people are going through worst things  than you.  I try to remain patient and humble and also looking at the positive outcomes at things.  That’s what we should all do.  People are going to try to knock us off our game every once in awhile, but guess what? YOU GOT THIS! It’s a brand new year and a brand new season! Walk in it NOW! The time to move upward is NOW! 2018 is the year for the Supernatural Turnarounds! 

can u stand the rain

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2 thoughts on “Can You Stand the Rain?

  1. Whenever I am feeling in the dumps, I always remember that there is still someone out there who has it worse than me. I have my moments, but I have my boys to remind me that life is worth living to see them grow up. You are right, IT IS A NEW YEAR! Each day is clean slate for ourselves. Til next time.


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